Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Links 3-29-12

My post this week was a reflection on a longer message I delivered to junior and senior high students at a retreat last weekend.  There are a great many things to enjoy about the Hunger Games and here are a few other theological reflections from the books I wish I would have known about last week.

This weeks "Points of Interest"
Ashley Smith provides a strong reflection of her learning to be vulnerable in Christ.  She writes about finding ways to fight against the need to be self-sufficient and spiritually perfect.

Christian Piatt's "Four Reasons I Returned to Church" is a follow up from a few weeks ago when he listed 7 reasons he left the church.  It's a good read to better understand Young Adults who want to be part of a Christian community but don't find what they are looking for in many churches.

A mother wrote a blog post titled "Hoodies, Skittles, and a Mother's Nightmare" a reflection on the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida last month.

Here is a conversation with Missional Church author/leader/speaker Alan Hirsch where he discusses many different topics relating to the Missional Church.

Here is a summary of a conversation President Jimmy Carter had with a Southern Baptist journalist regarding his views on the current state of Baptist life.

Brian McLaren offers a summary of some research done on the income growth from 2010.  "The top 1% gained 93% of the income growth in 2010. The rest of us shared in 7% of the income growth."

A Japanese "Ghost Ship" was spotted off the coast of Canada this week.  It was thought to be lost during the tragic tsunami from March 2011 that killed 19,000 people. An interesting read.

Just for Fun

James Cameron became on the  first person to ever successfully reach the deepest part of the ocean solo (and return safely to the surface).

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