Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Web Links

Thursday Web Links

A couple days ago I wrote about the reason's I have chosen to remain part of the church rather than leave it as many young adults have done. In fairness to a link I posted of her Rachel Held Evans posted on her site yesterday her 15 Reasons Why I Returned to Church.

In other news in the world of Christian conversation and young adult lives:

Debt problems:
Young Adults and Faith:
  • An article by Skye Jethani titled "Christianism Leads to Atheism" discusses the good and bad of mixing religion with politics and how that is different from an authentic Christian walk.
    • So, we are left with a narrow path. Veer too far to the cultural right and the young will dismiss the church as a puppet of Republican politics. Veer too far to the theological left and the power of the Gospel is lost amid cultural accommodation.The younger generations, and our culture as a whole, needs evidence of a third way to be Christian. It will require more than individual voices, but an organized and identifiable community of believers that reject Christianism and stands for Christ’s Good News, manifested in good lives, and evident in good works.

Missional Church
Women in Ministry
On the Lighter Side:
If you grew up in the 90's chances are you were a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I often pretended to be Donatello running around my neighborhood with a stick that had tape in the middle.  Well it seems producer Michael Bay is making a live action movie of the Turtles to be released sometime this year but he is changing the back story of how the turtles came to be...shame on you Mr. Bay. If there is no ooze how can they be mutants???

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