Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weblinks 2-19-2012

There has been so many good articles written this week it is hard to filter them all out.  Enjoy.

Biblical Commentary
Students of Jesus site posted a good piece on Jesus being friends of Pharisees.  We often point out how much time Jesus spent with the poor, prostitutes, and various other scaly wags we forget some of his biggest interactions were with the religious elite of his day.

Faith and Politics: Why speaking out and keeping silent can both be wrong
Here is a little reflection on keeping silent vs. speaking out during an election year.

Want to increase the sell numbers of your magazine?  Put Jesus, an angel, or Mary on the cover.  It is a proven fact this will immediately double circulation.  Here are some responses to Newsweek's most recent cover story on Jesus and the Church.

Facing the Fear Factor in Faith


Technology and Ministry
There's an app for that!  Well at least there is according to the Technoholic Pastor.  Check out this blog for all the ways ministry and technology mix!

Downside to Cohabitation
Lots of people live together before getting married these days.  Most of them young adults.  One of the most common reasons is to "feel it out" before committing to a marriage.  Well a recent NY Times article thinks this might be a mistake.

After suffering a miscarriage a couple went about their grief differently.  The wife went to church, the husband chose to learn from every 12 different religious settings.  Here is his story.

Many of my friends are huge fans of Pinterest.    Here are 13 signs your addicted to Pinterest.  #6 two words: Electronic Hoarder For those who don't know Pinterest is essentially a giant digital cork board for you to post all your favorite things from the web.  You can see your board and view the boards of others...sort like Facebook without the hassle of having to actually interact with anyone!

Links within a Link
 here are some of Steve Thorngates favorite links this week.

For would be Bloggers
Ever thought about starting your own blog?  Here is some encouragement from one of the best named blogs ever, People I want to Punch in the Throat

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