Thursday, May 3, 2012

Great Week

Because sometimes going to church is just like, WTF

I had opportunity to be present with a majority of our Regional Pastors this week.  I also spent time at a Mission Festival where I got to see first hand many of the great mission work going in American Baptist life.  It was a week blessed with new relationship, deeper relationships, and unique encounters with God. 
The thing I think most mattered to me this week was the acceptance and care that I received from my fellow ministers in Christ.  It is always daunting to start a new ministry or job.  It is always a little exciting and frightening to move to a new town.  But this week was the first time I have been in the same room with many of these leaders since moving out of local church into a regional role.  If I am honest I was a little nervous at how I might be received.  I realize now I never should have been concerned and almost feel guilty for ever thinking they would be anything but gracious and accepting.  I am blessed to be part of this group of pastoral leaders and look forward to finding ways to minister along side them in new ways for many years to come.

Theology Matters:

  1. Do Christians, Muslims, and Jews worship the same God?  Well yes and no.
  2. Dr. Roger Olson compares Emergent Church with Jesus Movement
  3. Living beyond to turn "somedays" into "nows"
  4. Post Denominations?
  5. Churches, young adults, and there a place for this conversation?
  6. We all want our sports team to win, but we also joke about God not actually caring about the outcome of a sporting event...but does God also not care about the outcome of your business meeting?

School debt is killing churches:
Ever wonder why more young adults don't give more time and money to church...because they are giving all their time to their jobs so they can give all their money to their loan agencies.

Facebook is a money maker:
Apparently Facebook will be able to earn an average $5 off of each of its members this year through .  Let's see $5 x 901 million monthly active users = that's alot of zero's!

Craziest Beards Ever:
German Beard Championships were held on April 21st.  You have to see some of these crazy beards to believe it!

Speaking of crazy things:
Anglicans in New Zealand name a dreadlock wearing, tatooed skined, cargo short wearing, 29 year old bishop!  Seems I am not the only youngin getting hired for denominational work these days.

What Young Adults Care About...
here is a neat chart that compares a variety of current issues to see which things young adults care about most.

Politics and Faith:

  1. No Separation of Church and State say conservatives...except for healthcare, food, and other Jesusy things...
  2. Death Penalty has to go
  3. Most Religious Countries?...US is number 5
  4. What are the most harmful websites?  Religious ones.

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