Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eating my way through the places Jesus walked

I am so full.  Every meal we have is enormous.  Several green salad type "appetizers" always fresh vegetables, and a main course of fish, chicken, or lamb.  Most meals have dessert.  I am so full.

Today we met with Oren Magnezy, who worked as an aid to the advisor to Ariel Sharron.  He began this work at only the age of 23!  He is only a few years older than I am and he has already been an advisor to the Prime Minister of Israel.  He shared with us his views on his government and the Palestinian/Israeli relationship.  He is a strong supporter of the two state solution for the sake of peace in Israel, security for Israel, and for the sake of the Palestinian people.  He was incredibly articulate and wise and had great insights into the political and cultural elements of Israel.  He is currently working on his private organization that works to help bring about this two state solution in Israel.   One of the things he explained so well for us was how he believes that the future of Israel will depend strongly on Israel's ability to work with Palestine to create boarders and do a fair land swap of both quality and quantity and to have equal access to "holy sites" in what ever becomes Israel and the Palestinian states.  He also shared history and future hope of Israel and how American leaders can help bring about a positive solution to present situtations.

We also were reminded the history from the past 100 years that has led to the present State of Israel.  We heard it from three unique persepectives, American CHristian, American Jew who now resides in Israel, and a Palestinian Muslim.  Their stories are identical so we know they agree on what has happene thus far in history.  They also shared some uniqe perspectives on the meaning of those historical events and how they shape the present political situation.  The big emphasis on this whole trip is two fold.  First this is not an ancient problem it is a modern "geo political" problem.  Second, it is not a religious issue between Muslims and Jews for they get along and share space for 'holy sites' throughout Israel.  The big emphasis is that this is a political problem with a political solution.  I am beginning to acquire the hope that there is a solution.  I am also learning just how much "grey" there is in this conversation that is so easily put into black and white/right and wrong polarizing parties.

We also visited the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemne and the Holacaust Museum Yad Vashom.  All of it was very moving.  Blessings.

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