Saturday, December 29, 2012

Treasure these things in your heart

Advent is over.  Jesus has arrived and on January 6 Epiphany will remind us that he is more than just a baby, but the very Son of God.  And I wonder what things "Mary treasured up" in her heart.  The Christian calendar works like a Spirograph.  The more you go through it the more intricate and the deeper the pattern becomes.  I too like to spend time "treasuring up these things in my heart." I like concentrating on an aspect of the reality of Christ slowly, a few elements at a time.  Right now the calendar allows us to simply bask in the reality Christ is here.  In January we will reflect on all the ways Jesus is God before looking at his teachings and his journey toward the cross and the empty tomb.  But that must all wait, for today it is just enough to be happy he is here.

I suppose that is one of the joys of the holiday season.  For we intentionally gather with family and friends we don't see as often during the year.  We also reflect on the past year and anticipate the new one.  My best friend from college and seminary is visiting this weekend.  And we have simply just been hanging out.  No deep conversations just time to spend catching up and simply being in each others presence.  I have also been off of work and have spent more time with my wife and children.  And again it is just good time to simply rest in each others presence.

I think we need that with Christ at times. We just need to celebrate and rest in his presence.  Time to just be happy  And that he loves us so much he sent Christ. 

May your holiday season be blessed and full of rest and time to "treasure up all these things in your heart."

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