Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ottawa Mission Day 3-4

Day 3:
Nebraska Mission Team continues to work with North Baptist Church, Ottawa University, and the community of Ottawa.  For the last few days our team has been split into two working groups.  The first team finished up a project at the Buffalo Ridge Retreat Center mentioned in my last post.  The completed the framing of the play equipment and now all that needs done is putting on the swings and slides and other toys themselves.  Team two continued to work with NBC and their VBS program.

It has been so much fun watching our team engage the children of NBC and the surrounding community.  The kids are so energetic! They have had great attitudes and have really been learning their Bible points and Scripture verses.  My team is made up of 6 girls ages 7-10!  We were given the mascot of a goat...every team has an animal mascot and a number.  Ours is a goat and we are #3
, we even have a coat of arms, which fits into the middle ages theme of knights, kings, and princess.  So we decided we needed a nickname.  First we came up with Team Trinity because of our number three, but we settled on the Gorgeous Goats!  These girls have been a lot of fun to be around.  They really are learning lots and are very interested in meeting my children!  I have been especially blessed by the presence of a girl we will call Mary (not her real name) who has down syndrome.  She is so much fun and loves playing games and learning the bible stories.  So ask me about Mary when I get home so I can tell you all about how amazing she is. The other group leaders from Nebraska are also having lots of fun with their groups.

Scraping old paint
We finished the afternoon by gathering our whole team together to paint a home of a long time North Baptist member.  Darleen used to be the host of mothers day out when Robin and Kathy were students at Ottawa!  She still has the birthdays in her cradle role book of their two youngest children!  Her home was in major need of some TLC so the team spent the afternoon scraping and painting and doing basic yard maintenance.

Fredrickson Chapel Ottawa Universtity

We ended this day by meeting with some representatives of Ottawa University.  They provided us with a very nice meal.  OU is an ABC USA Christian liberal arts university with about 600 students on campus but almost 7,000 total in their other campuses and online program.  They have 31 degree programs that fall under three categories of the School of Art and Science, Angell Snyder School of Business, and Education.  They have a beautiful campus with great dorms.  They are building a new Library with a generous donation from Nebraska ABC members from Kearney.

Day 4:
Singing at the Cross
Our team divided into two teams again.  Team one continued with VBS.  It was the salvation presentation day!  Lots of kids already knew the gospel story but it was cool to see them engage the story.  In the Bible adventure where they act out the stories, they had an empty tomb even.  It was pretty cool.  The songs continue to be a great celebration moment and teaching moment.

Team two went back out to Darleens to finish painting her house.  It looks amazing now.  it is a white house with black trim.  It looks very nice.  Darleen is very grateful for our being there to help.

ABC NE Team with home owner Darleen

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