Monday, October 14, 2013

How almost 2 months has gone by

I have not posted anything since August.  It is now October.  I could give you all the usual excuses of time, writers block, and just a lack of interest.  But truth be told, I have been writing and speaking, I just have been writing and speaking elsewhere.  I have written for my regions newsletter, written for a magazine, and written for a website.  I have spoken at conventions of all sizes on many topics from Missional Church to Christian Pastoral Ethics.  Now the busiest two months of recent memory are over, here a few links that might be of interest to catch up on my recent activity.

  • Our Religious Pantheon from August 6 gained some traction here and was picked up by  I was really surprised and thank them for sharing the content.
  • I was asked to write about a book that changed my faith by the High  True to my nature I could not nail it down to a single book.  So I chose a series of books from NT Wright.  Other than Eugene Peterson no author has had as much influence on my faith journey.  I encourage you to check out the article.
  • I wrote an article for Christian Citizen Magazine.  It is American Baptist Home Mission Societies official magazine for American Baptists.  The magazine article was due first of October and will be published I believe at the first of 2014.  The article is a about Missional Church Learning Experiences that our ABC Churches in Nebraska experienced and how young adults engaged in this process.
  • Check out our Regions Vimeo page to see sermons from our Region Convention September 20-22, 2013.  Some really good messages there.
  • Finally, if you have any interest at all you can check out our Regions Facebook page to see the many events, conventions, and conferences I have either planned or spoken at of late.  You will also find links to much smaller little articles I have written for my region.  These articles are not without context so I hesitate to just upload them to my blog since they are usually region specific.  But I do get encouraging messages from pastors and church members saying they enjoyed a little thought.   So I will start sharing those articles more often here.
I will once again hit the road this week to celebrate a pastoral instillation and Missional Training event. I am excited to see what God continues to do in ABC NE and in my own personal journey as I continue to be Shaped by the Story.